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Top 10 Support Questions
1.An owner in my league had players in Thursday's game, but when he went to change his lineup before Sunday they were removed. How do I make sure that these Thursday players are locked into the games?
2.How can I submit a lineup when my only kicker is on bye and it won't accept my current one without him?
3.Why are my league standing not properly sorted?
4.Everyone was eliminated from our survivor pool - how do I Restart the Survivor Pool?
5.The remaining teams in my league all Lost the Survivor Pool this week. How can I allow just those teams to continue?
6.How do I View All Previously Processed Waivers?
7.Why are my league waivers not properly sorted?
8.How do I get faster and more comprehensive live scoring for my league?
9.Where do you get your stats from and where is an accurate place to check stats?
10.How do I Enter Blind Bidding Requests?